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Featuring Randy & Dianne Clark

Dianne Clark does Rescue for Toy Fox Terriers that need homes. I you want to give her a dog to place give her all call. Or if you would like to be on the waiting list for a Toy Fox Terriers let her know so she can put you on her waiting list. phone 425-337-6494

Welcome to RanMar Toy fox Terriers (TFT). We are delighted to share with all of you our story and a little bit about us.

RanMar Toy Fox Terriers is located in Snohomish, WA (thirty miles north of Seattle) and owned by Dianne and Randy Clark. Our Kennel Name/Prefix was the name of Randys parents kennel name when they bred Champion Dalmatians in the 1960s.

Randy is in the Washington state gaming industry and Dianne works in the ceramic tile and stone industry.

In addition to Toy Fox Terriers, we also breed Labrador Retrievers. We have a Master Hunter named " Carson". I spayed Senior Hunter "Megan" and "Jill" is the Junior Hunter, "Mommie".

Dianne is a licensed AKC hunt test judge. We also have an American Saddlebred Horse and are members of the American Saddlebred Association.

"Bob" was our first TFT, and he was a rescue dog. Dianne had always grown up with a TFT and wanted a small dog to sit on her lap, etc. At this time we, just had the Labs. She applied with Seattle Dog Rescue to adopt a TFT. Well, as you probably know, TFTs are hard to come by in a rescue situation.

Dianne waited for about one year and finely a call came that three TFTs needed a new home. The owner had run off and left them alone in a house. Well Dianne could not get there fast enough. The rest of the family didnt know a thing about her little venture. When she arrived at the home where the dogs were, her son Kevin opened his arms and Bob jumped right into them. He held onto Kevins arms as tight as he could. As I watched through my tears, I knew Bob was coming home with us. Poor Bob was sick all the way home and when my husband, Randy first saw him, he said, "What is that?" He also commented, "I am not living with a rat on a leash!"

We had to trade cars, as I had a few things to do on my way home, and when I returned, Randy was on the couch napping with Bob!!!!! What a sight! This was the start of Bobs life with us. He has since earned his way under the covers, gone to many horse shows, AKC hunt tests, dog shows, and anywhere else he can manage to persuade us to take him.

Bob has had many medical expenses, due to poor feeding and care when he was young, but he still seems to come out on top. It is hard to say just exactly how much, but lets just say a few new cars ago. He is now 13 and still ticking!!

Dianne thought Bob needed a playmate and this is what led her to Xena, "ValCopys Warrior Princess". Xena is a tan and white bitch that is as typical to the breed as you can get. From the moment she came into our home, she ruled over everything, even the Labs. Such an attitude has caused Randy to chase her for blocks, shaking the cookie jar and telling her she is a good girl, as she runs another block. It makes for very enjoyable neighborhood conversation!

She is fearless, and as she should think, she is as large as a Great Dane. Xena, the apple of Diannes eye, has been shown at AKC shows and was Reserve Winners Bitch at the Specialty last fall in California. Currently, she has a new family of four, which is keeping her very busy. She whelped three girls and one boy born on October 13th of this year.

Kori, "ValCopys Simply Irresistible", is another beautiful tri-colored bitch that we purchased from the same breeder we purchased Xena from. Kori, who has been shown some, was Winners Bitch, ages 9-18 months, at the TFT Specialty last fall. We plan to show her in January, at the Puyallup Cluster in Washington. I have no doubt she will earn her championship.

Last, but of course not least, our newest addition is "Foxhills Sweetie Peetie". This lovely tri-colored male is from the wonderful kennel of Foxhill, owned by George and Margi Hill. Peetie joined our family on the first of August at the young age of one year.

The ATFTC Specialty was the following week and he was entered. Now we thought, "OK little man, lets see what youve got!" We were so surprised for his "Best in Show" win. What a thrill, and what perfect timing, since as of January 1, 2003 all TFTs exhibited in AKC shows will receive points toward their AKC championships.

Dianne is the rescue chairperson for the newly formed Puget Sound Toy Fox Terrier Club. To date, she has rescued and placed two wonderful little dogs, who just needed a second chance, just like Bob did.

We cannot say enough about this little breed of dog who happens to have the heart of a lion. They are so devoted and loving, and you can never find better little companions.

We look forward to many years of successful breeding, seeing the TFT at Westminster, and enjoying the continued friendships of all the people we have met thanks to our TFTs.

God Bless!

Randy and Dianne Clark

RanMar Toy Fox Terriers

"Where ATTITUDE comes in small packages!"