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Our New Puppy!


Our New Puppy!
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Walters Ginger Snap Haverman


Born September 3, 2001

This is our new puppy Ginger Snap. We waited a year and a half to get her she was worth the wait. Watch for her in the show rings!


Ginger and her buddy Winnie. Winnie is owned by Marge and Kent Noren.

There is no other creature to give
ones heart a stir As the fun-lovn
Toy Fox Terrier He is a canine
gentleman yet sassy as can be
No stranger is known, always at
home His purpose is to please

You may find him playing,
running or chasing butterflies Or
romping with his shadow as the
sun shines from the sky No fear
is found in him, hes as brave as
brave could be Six pounds of
courage gentle wrapped And
tied with loyalty

If your life should lack for
something And you need some
kind of friend To bring you joy
and happiness To stand by you
to the end

Please do not worry, for you
answer is so clear Open you
heart to this gift of love
The Toy Fox Terrier